Lex Magica and Cabal Rights

The Lex Magica

This is the rules that all mages follow to one degree or another. It is the bedrock of Mage society is built on. It is not some codified tomb of rules and regulations. It is more like a social framework and a dialogue of transgressions and how they have been punished. There are a set of common precepts that nearly all Concili follow. They are as follows

  • Secrecy – Magic must be kept secret from those who practice it.
  • Recognition – If you are recognised by the Concilium you are bound and protected by its laws
  • Protectorate- If you declare your sanctum to the Concilium of the city you are granted aid if an external force tampers with or directly attacks your Hallow, Sanctum or Wards.
  • Hubris – A declaration against immoral magic such as curses. Depending on the magic used depends on the likely hood of a reprimand
  • War- A way for Cabals to decalre to the Concilium that they are waging war on another mage/cabal/ other supernatural society. Is the most contriversial of the Precepts and a fair few cities will not recognise it.

The Tetragrammaton – The method of Punushment in the Consilii. Its 10 precepts are

  1. Minor Reprimand
  2. Major Reprimand
  3. Payment of Debt
  4. Minor Penance
  5. Major Penance
  6. Severe Reprimand
  7. Incarceration
  8. Banishment
  9. Spiritual Scourging
  10. Spiritual Oblivion

The Great Rights – Within the Lex Magica there exist rites for each cabal to claim on there own lands. These rights are as follows.

  • Right of Crossing: Let no borders stop an Awakened with a clear heart.
  • Right of Emeritus: Those who have earned respect must be treated with respect.
  • Right of Hospitality: Those who request hospitality must be granted it.
  • Right of Nemesis: When vengeance is declared, let none stand in its way.
  • Right of Sanctuary: Protect your home, and let no action cause it harm

Lex Magica and Cabal Rights

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