Cosmology Primer

Above everything are the Supernal realms (though there’s a Magi in Manchester who incessently blogs about the “Higher Realms”). There are five Supernal Realms:

Aethyr – the land of energy, and angels; it’s the source of Force and Prime magics. Obromoi travel here upon Awakening. It’s antithesis is Death, degration has no place in the Realm of Eternal Light.

Arcadia – its the land of the Fae, where Oaths, and Time are very real things. It provides the Fallen world with Fate and Time Magics – and is the parent realm of Arcanthi. It’s antithesis is Forces, in the wild tmepest that is the Fae, the elements cannot easily be controlled.

Pandemonium – the realm of demons, hell and servitude. It is the source of Mind and Space magics. It is the home realm for Mastigoi. It’s antithesis is Matter, this Realm supercedes trivial considerations of ‘matter’.

Primal Wild – The Garden of Eden, where spirit and animal are joined in Pangean simplicity. It is the source of Life and Spirit magics, and is the destination of Thyrsi Awakenings. It’s antithesis is Mind, cognitive thought is not needed in the Primal Wild.

Stygia – the land of the dead; ruled over by Matter and Death. Moroi travel here when they awaken. It’s antithesis is Spirit, only the dead soul exist here.

Each Realm has a Watchtower in (crafted by forgotten Oracles – the ‘Good Guys’ who traveled up the Silver Ladder) – when you Awaken, your soul travels to the Supernal realm, and once you ‘write’ your name (a subjective term) you become Awakened. You realm infuences who you are, and also dictates which magics you are exceptionally good (and bad at).

Each of these ‘Paths’ are Superior and Inferior Arcana dictated by their Realms. Their superior Arcana are also split into Gross/Subtle Arcana, these descirbe the role they have in the Fallen world’s tapastry:


  • Primary Arcana: Matter/Death
  • Favoured Attribute: Composure
  • Inferior Arcana: Spirit


  • Primary Arcana: Time/Fate
  • Favoured Attribute: Composure
  • Inferior Arcana: Forces.


  • Primary Arcana: Life/Spirit
  • Favored Attribute: Composure
    Inferior Arcana: Mind


  • Primary Arcana: Space/Mind
  • Favored Attribute: Resolve
  • Inferior Arcana: Matter


  • Primary Arcana: Forces/Prime
  • Favoured Attribute: Resolve
  • Inferior Arcana: Death

Cosmology Primer

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