Concilium Structure

The Consili of Mage society generally follow the same structure around the world.

Hierarch – They are the middle man of the Cosilium. They chair the meetings and adjudicate disputes . When Push comes to shove they speak with the full pwer and authority of the local concilium. To get to this position requires one of two situations to happen. The first is for one of the wise to have serious political acumen and some serious magical power to go with it. The other is for a puppet to be installed for the orders and cabals to play with. Both lead to interesting situations

Councilors – These are the representatives of the paths, order and cabal. There policies are moulded by the groups they serve however ambition always will rear its head. They hold the most powerful positions which makes them the the most monitored. Comes with the job I guess

Provost – They are the vizires and secretaries of there respective councillors. They are the ones who make sure the councillors rulings are followed. Getting them to like you is a great plan.

Herald – They are the ones who keep a record of the comings and goings of the council. To get anything done you kinda need them on your side also helps you find dirt on others.

Sentinel – The Policemen of the council. The pre-eminent war mages of the concilium. They are the ones you go to with a problem or who come to you if you are the problem.

Intifector – The headsman. Need I say any more

Concilium Structure

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