The Practises

1 Dot -
Practise of Compelling – This is the art of Subtly changing the nature of a phenomenon so it does not harm it, or grant it the ability of harming others. They are invariably written off by Sleepers; and can grant 1 or 2 dot bonuses if the mage is creative enough.
Practise of Knowing – These almot never cost mana to cast and are invariably Covert. They impart knowledge and intellectual facts – like the composition of alloys for example.
Practise of Unveiling – These are the most recognisable of Practises. If it imparts a sensory means with which to see the magical world then it’s Knowing. They can be scaled up to 2 dot versions that grant others the same spell. The actual sensory experience differs from mage to mage, and is deeply personal, two mages with the same fate sight do not see the same thing. Another key part to Unveiling is that they allow Mages to sense Resonance – making them keys spells in any Mage’s repatoir.

2 Dot -
Practise of Ruling – This is the ability to actually control the world around the Mage. Most first mages get a bit excited at this point, after all they’re doing ‘real’ magic for once. They are generally Covert and even the Vulgar ones can be shielded from Sleepers with a bit of care and planning. If they are used to damage they only cause one or two points of bashing.
Practise of Shielding – These provide a shield for incoming attacks upon the mage. They are always covert, though some (like surviving a shotgun blast to the face) may invoke Disbelief in Sleepers.
Practise of Veiling – This is the hiding magic, and are almost always Covert (unsurprisingly). At two dots a small item can be hidden, at higher dots a mage can hide his/herself or even another.

3 Dots -
Practise of Fraying – This is the part where the truely offensive magics begin. These fraying spells degrade, attack and hinder (often with offensive capabilities – but some can damage someone’s chances for example). These can be upgraded to cause damage other than bashing with higher kowldge of the arcana. Indirect damage (degrading girder supports so a jagged spar can impale an enemy) can cause damage other than bashing.
Practise of Perfecting – This practise descibes the ability to improve on an existing thing, or repair something. They are often taught as the opposite of Fraying spells. Sometimes they can cost mana (see mana expenditure), and are Covert/Vulgar depending on the improvement in question.
Practise of Weaving – This is the dumping ground of third dot spells that don’t kinda fit. In general, if the spell changs the function of a thing without fundementally altering it’s nature, then it’s probably a practise of Weaving.

4 Dots -
Practise of Patterning – These seplls are somewhat generalised, if they don’t Damage, Influence or Create something then it probably falls under Patterning. These spells often change something into something else, not necessarily keeping with it’s original nature.
Practise of Unravelling – These are not merely destructive magics, that’s the purview of Fraying. These are precise cuttings of the Tapestry, and utterly lethal.

5 Dots -
Practise of Making – This is where Magi start gaining almost god-like power. This practise can create things seemlingly out of thin air. These are mostly vulgar, creating materials out of nothing – they often need mana to be cast.
Practise of Unmaking – These are terrifying in that they do not destroy. They annhialate things, literally deleting matter from exisitance. These spells are always Vulgar, as the Fallen World abhors such destruction. As a result, more ‘balanced’ mages often hesitate to use this practise.

The Practises

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