Path: Obramos
Legacy: …
Order: Ministry of the Eye
Vice: Wrath, Lust
Virtue: Faith
Flaws: Psychopathy

Intelligence 3; Wits 3; Resolve 2
Strength 3; Dexterity 3; Stamina 3
Presence 2; Manipulation 2; Composure 3

Intelligence 2 ; Wits 3 ; Resolve 3
Strength ; Dexterity 3 ; Stamina
Presence ; Manipulation ; Composure

Academics 0; Computer 0; Crafts ; Investigation 0 ; Medicine 2; Occult 2 ; Politics 0; Science 0
Athletics 3; Brawl 4; Drive 0; Firearms 0; Larceny 0; Stealth 0; Survival 0; Weaponry 0
Animal Ken 0; Empathy 2; Expression 2; Intimidation 1; Persuasion 3; Socialize 1; Streetwise 0; Subterfuge 2

Fighting Finesse(Martial Arts) 2
Defensive Combat (Brawl) 1
Martial Arts 5
Law of Embodiment 5
Double Jointed
Forces: 4
Prime: 5
Life: 4



Here is the third file you asked for. This one is a right piece of work. Don’t get on his wrong side. I have to wonder if he was born this way of if Nihlity had a hand in this.

This is my last report on the remains of the seer pylon Discord. I am a mixture of pleased and disgusted to report that since my last transmission they have been destroyed from the inside by one man. There newest member going by the name of Wrath.

He is not a subtle man so if we were considering turning him handing him over the the Council or Arrow would be the best option but I would recommend against that given the way he killed the ‘mentor’ of the pylon was to turn him in to a mouse and feed him to his own familiar.

His was last seen working for an unknown man being a ‘leg breaker’ we are unsure if this was why he killed the old pylon or if that was his own decision ether way if you come across him exercise caution

If you want any more just drop me a line. but after these 3 consider us even for the moors.



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