Path: Moros
Legacy: CoDC
Order: Ministry of the Eye
Vice: Manipulative
Virtue: Brutal Honesty
Flaws: Psychopathy

Intelligence 2 ; Wits 3 ; Resolve 3
Strength ; Dexterity 3 ; Stamina
Presence ; Manipulation ; Composure

Academics 0; Computer 0; Crafts 1; Investigation 0 ; Medicine 0; Occult 3; Politics 0; Science 0
Athletics 2; Brawl 2; Drive 0; Firearms 4; Larceny 1; Stealth 0; Survival 0; Weaponry 2
Animal Ken 0; Empathy 0; Expression 2; Intimidation 2; Persuasion 0; Socialize 0; Streetwise 1; Subterfuge 2

Giant: 3
Fire-fight: 3
Mentor: 4
Luxury: 4
Mystery Cult 5 (Silver Fox) (The Fox reborn)
(2) Direction Sense
(3) Retainer (2)
(4) Retainer (3)
(5) The fox returned emits an aura that is impalpable and naturally makes people feel at ease and calm. This effect is even greater for those in the know. Doors are always equal to 0 for those in the cult. Those outside the cult suffer a -1 penalty to all door calculations
Striking Looks 2:

Matter: 4
Death: 5



Here is that last report sorry it took so long. We lost Nitro a few weeks back and I have been trying to put together what was left of his notes to get a clear history on this guy.

He used to work for one of the Mysterium Athenaums down in London. We think he was a sleep walker or proximus the records are not very clear. We are unsure as to when he awoke or when the Seers got to him but from the descriptions of his decided exit strategy and the death toll we are betting on a morros awakening. This did go against his family lineage which does explain the sanity snap.

We are unsure as to his current loyalties but he as been seen working with Ruin and Nihlity. We don’t currently have a working name for there group but we know they live up to there names.



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