Seer of the Panopticon


Path: Mastigos
Legacy: …
Order: Ministry of the Eye
Gnosis: 5
Vice: Wrath
Virtue: Temperance
Flaws: Mystery Commands Flaws

Intelligence 3; Wits 3; Resolve 3
Strength 1; Dexterity 3; Stamina 2
Presence 2; Manipulation 2; Composure 3

Academics 3; Computer 0; Crafts 0; Investigation 2 * ; Medicine 0; Occult 3; Politics 3; Science 0
Athletics 1; Brawl 1; Drive 0; Firearms 0; Larceny 0; Stealth 2; Survival 0; Weaponry 0
Animal Ken 0; Empathy 7; Expression 0; Intimidation 0; Persuasion 2; Socialize 1; Streetwise 0; Subterfuge 3

Dream: 3
Contacts: 4 (Reporters, CIA, Drug dealers, Vampires)
Fixer: 2
Luxury: 4
Status (Seers):3
Status (Police Force): 5

Mind: (5)
Space: (5)
Fate: (4)



As requested the files we have on Nihlity. Usual rules apply don’t share unless absolutely necessary.

Fellow Guardians

Little is known about Nihlity amongst the pentacle in Britain . He is of British decent as far as they are aware. He rose to prominence as a background figure in most of the Seers interests in the country. However those who have met him do often recognise him after a quick look in the news as the Chief Executive of Nightstick International.

This is where the pentacle is mostly trying to limit his damage at this time and failing quite spectacularly. The name used by that identity because its not his true name we have tried using it. He is responsible for the cover up of the murder of our most famous mages the most noticeable being Prince Harry. He has also brought in wide spread gun carrying for the officers of the law leading to an escalation of force and in increased fear among the general populous. We do not know his current plans or whereabouts. We have however recently discovered that he reports to the tetrarch of the Eye in the UK. He is also known to be followed by for lack of a better term bruisers known only as Wrath and Ruin.

More updates to come

Hope this helps in what ever crazy scheme you have planned Z. The other ones you have asked for are on there way


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