Disfigured midget


Path: Moros
Legacy: …
Order: Silver Ladder
Gnosis: 2

Intelligence 2; Wits 3; Resolve 3
Strength 2; Dexterity 2; Stamina 2
Presence 2; Manipulation 3; Composure 3

Academics 2; Computer 0; Crafts 0; Investigation 1; Medicine 3; Occult 3; Politics 0; Science 2
Athletics 0; Brawl 1; Drive 0; Firearms 0; Larceny 0; Stealth 2; Survival 1; Weaponry 0
Animal Ken 0; Empathy 0; Expression 0; Intimidation 2; Persuasion 1; Socialise 1; Streetwise 0; Subterfuge 3

Professional Training 2; Contacts 0 (2); Fast Reflexes 1; Small Framed 2; Resources 3; Pusher 1; Striking looks 1; Destiny 2; Mystery Cult Initiation 1




He was born on March the 9th 1986. At the age of 6, his parents died in a freak bear attack on a family holiday camping in america, leaving Phil the sole survivor and horribly disfigured. At this age Phil was too young to understand his parents death, but still remember it as if it was a distant dream. He was raised by his god parents, in a small house in Essex. In school suffered from bullying due to his disfigurement, this caused him to shy away from the spotlight, wishing to hone his skill out of sight. Wanting to gain understanding on what had happened to his parents at such a young age, he chose to study the sciences (at Cambridge University) to gain better understating of death. This untimatly caused him to chose the carrier path of a pathologist. This career spoke to him as working with dead bodies on a daily basis gave him a sense of peace and understanding. After working in Cambridge for 2 years he ended up moving to Nottingham to work in the city morgue.


He has scruffy brown hair and grey/blue eyes, his white completion is only marred by the disguising scar which runs across his face. This disfigurement gives min a aged look making him look much older than he really is He is only 4’8" tall and of average build weighing only 50kg.

He tends to wear shirt and jeans as his job dose not require a formal uniform such a suit. Out side he wears a coat which although it fits him well is so long it reaches the floor due to his small size.


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